Monday, 21 September 2009


Im still here!!

This is just a quick message to all my lovely readers. I have a virus on my laptop which has caused Windows to crash!! :-(

The Boyfriend says its my fault as I opened an e mail from someone I didn't know (oops) and ever since then, it hasn't worked properly.
This has happened at the worst possible time as this is the week my family have gone on holiday and I NEED the internet!!

I've managed to do this post in 'Safe Mode' so hopefully I can try to do my normal posts like that too for now....even if it takes a lot longer!!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!!

x x


Kate said...

Oh no! Good luck with getting it all fixed Kate x

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Oh no! Hope it gets sorted soon! xx

Karen said...

Oh, that's too bad =( I hope you get it fixed.

Anonymous said...

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Carine said...

I suggest you to try the software called Malwarebytes. I used it when I had viruses and it worked really well ! I hope it'll be fixed soon :/

Carine said...

I forgot to say, you can download malwarebytes for free (legally) ^^ I know it sounds like an advertisement but it's not :p