Friday, 4 September 2009

Happy Birthday Bro!!

Today was my "little" Brother's 19th Birthday. Thought i would put some pic's of him on here to wish him Happy Birthday as i can't go down home to see him!!

The day Dave was born, was the day I started school and I never let him forget it!! :-) We used to argue like mad when we were younger but we do get on really well now!!

This one was earlier on this year, when I went home:

This one was taken last year in Menorca when we were celebrating his 18th:

And this was him the other night at Gatecrasher club in Birmingham, at "Ibiza Night". Think this was the start of the night as he looks pretty sober!! :-)

Hope you had a Fab Birthday Bro!!

x x


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Aww hope he had a good one! My bro turned 19 in July and I get on so much with him, especially as he gets older!


Jen said...

Yeah he did thanks!! Thats like us, the older he gets, the better we get on, must be a boy thing!! x x