Saturday, 29 September 2012

My Weight Battle Begins NOW!!

Im looking for some inspiration and advice from all of you gorgeous girlies now and I really hope that you can help me.
In the last year, ive gained roughly 2 stone and its making me miserable. Its down to the form of contraception that im on I think but I also dont eat that healthily, ok hardly ever!!
I know thats really bad but I just dont like vegetables or salad so although I eat fruit, I also eat a lot of junk. 

 Ive got so many exercise DVDs (this one being my most recent) and all the exercise equipment you can think of but I just find it so boring and even though I really want to lose the weight, I just cant stick to an exercise regime.
I cant afford the gym but I do have a cross trainer and a rowing machine at home although ive found that my Jillian Michaels DVD works better than any of those!! Its only 20 mins a day for 30 days and theres 3 levels to chose from, im still on Level 1 and it hurts, trust me!!

Here is a comparison for you, me about 4 years ago, I know its a while but id LOVE to have this figure back!! And me now, although the hair and make up is better (what did I used to look like) im not happy with the thighs and bingo wings!!


The recent photo also hides well my main problem area, my tummy.
I basically just wanted to know any useful hints or tips from you guys or what motivates you to stay in shape?!
Ive tried Weight Watchers but as I work shifts, could never get to a class and the Dukan Diet was just too bland.

I want to lose 2 stone but my lovely boyfriend has told me that, if I lose a stone by christmas, then he'll buy me an iPad yipeeee!! Talk about an incentive!!

While on holiday this year in Greece with him, ive never felt so self conscious about my body and its a shame as it was our first holiday away together. I wore swimming costumes the whole time instead of bikinis and hated the way I felt.

This is the photo that made me decide that I HAVE to do something about it, my legs look awful!!

To end this rant on a positive, ill include a photo from our hol that I DO like :)

I hope you guys can help me as I really want to shift this weight and get myself an iPad!!

x x


californiadreamin said...

OOO I love 30 Day shred! Jillian definitely knows what she's doing :)

Cat0805 said...

Talk about an incentive, I wish m,y boyfriend would do that. I love the 30 day shred I agree it does hurt but keep at it and it gets easier and you will see a difference so quickly! I'm on level 3 now and it hurts even more but love the sens of achievement :D


Mademoiselle Lala said...

You both look so LOVELY and happy! :) Cute!

As for the advice - the only thing that worked for me was gym and diet combined. It is horrible - blood, sweat and tears - but worth it. If you think you can't afford it - maybe try cutting back? I promised myself not to buy any dress/skirt/shoes unless I was 5kg down, etc. etc. It made me save for gym membership.

Now I have gym far away from my flat and it is KILLING me, because it's easier to go and just do it. Now, I need to motivate myself. But I have a park closeby and I'm running as often as I push myself outside. I recently bought some cute stuff from sportsdirect (they have 50% sale) so that's my newest incentive - to show off! ;) X